Predicting Who Will Win the Super Bowl

Football season has not started yet and already people have started making their Super Bowl predictions. Many experts in the industry have stated that they feel that the team to watch is the New England Patriots. This team has been a favorite of experts for years and according to the NFL odds at BoydsBets, this year is no exception.

There is a lot going on before the regular season is schedule to start. Coaches were fired, free agents were picked up, and the NFL Draft has ended. After all of this movement the Patriots are still a top team to watch.

New England Patriots

Experts say that the reason they favor the Patriots is due to the strong coaching staff, one of the best quarterbacks to play the game, and new talent that is ready to take the field. Tom Brady is someone that many people either love or hate. No one can deny that he does have talent when it comes to throwing the ball. Even his suspension for four games is not predicted to hurt the team that much.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are another team that experts are keeping their eye on. Andrew Luck is predicted to have a good season. He has talent and is learning how to use it properly on the field. The team has a stable coaching staff and as long as their players can reduce the amount of injuries they suffer they are predicted to do well this season.

The Cincinnati Bengals

While this team has not made headlines for their excellent football plays and winning the games that is set to change this year. Many people feel that Marvin Lewis is going to be off the team. It is said that he is so bad that he is considered to be the worst coach in football. Experts feel that once he is removed from the team and there is a new coach that can take over this team can go all the way to the big game.

Seattle Seahawks

Experts have a feeling that this team will go far. They have even stated that they do not have a lot to back that feeling up on but feel that this team can be great this season. They are a good team and have enough talent to win the games. They did not have the best reason last year but with the right attitude they can bounce back and win some games.

Carolina Panthers

While they did not win the Super Bowl in 2016 this team is still strong. Cam Newton has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with and he has some strong players to help him out. The coaching staff is pretty good as well. When it is risky to pick a team coming off a loss at the Super Bowl the talent here has no changed.

These are some of the teams that are predicted to make it to the Super Bowl in 2017. While these are the picks of industry experts fans will still have to see how the season plays out.

Favorite Over/Unders for 2016 NFL

I’ll take a stab at the win totals set by Vegas for each team in 2016.

49ers Under 5.5

2015 was a struggle, as the 49ers began the rebuilding process. Questions linger about if Colin Kaepernick is happy in San Francisco. All this combined with a new coach means the 49ers will struggle getting less than 5.5 wins.

Bears Over 7.5

Chicago’s defense should be much improved this year. If Cutler can keep his interceptions down, they could have a solid season. They should get eight wins.

Bengals Over 9.5

The Bengals had a super regular season last season but disappointed in the playoffs. They should be able to overcome the losses of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu. Over 9.5 wins.

Bills Under 8

It’s playoffs or bust for Rex Ryan in Buffalo. Tyrod Taylor will have to be really good if the Bills will be competitive. The Bills get less than 8 wins.

Broncos Under 9.5

Lots of change in Denver. Peyton Manning is out and either Mark Sanchez or Paxton Lynch will take over. The Broncos defense will still be really good but the team overall will struggle a little. Less than 9.5 wins.

Browns Under 4.5

New coach Hue Jackson has a huge challenge in front of him. He has at least a temporary solution at quarterback in Robert Griffin III, however Cleveland will be a long term project. Under 4.5 wins.

Buccaneers Over 7

Jameis Winston showed great strides after a rough start to his rookie year. If he is able to continue his growth, the Bucs could be a sleeper for the playoffs. Bucs get more than 7 wins.

Cardinals Over 10

The Cardinals look poised to make another run at the Super Bowl. Falling just short last year they should be laser focus. If Carson Palmer can stay healthy, they should have a good chance to get more than 10 wins.

Chargers Over 6.5

Phillip Rivers is a competitor and last year had to really hurt. With an improved defense the Chargers should be much better this year. Over 6.5 wins.

Chiefs Over 9.5

The Chiefs return a good defense and good old game manager Alex Smith. With the Broncos probably taking a step back, the division should be there for the Chiefs to take. The finish with more than 10 wins.

Colts Under 9.5

This one is a little tricky. Andrew Luck should be 100% to start the season. The AFC South hasn’t been very good lately but all three teams should be better this year. Luck may struggle at times like last year. Colts get less than 9.5 wins.

Cowboys Over 9.5

With Ezekial Elliot will probably be the main guy at running back to start the season. If Romo and Bryant stay healthy, the Cowboys should be in position to make a run at the Super Bowl. More than ten wins.

Dolphins Less 7

New head coach Adam Gase has a talented roster but the Dolphins have a tough schedule. Miami does not get to seven wins this year.

Eagles Under 7

Perhaps a new coach and a new quarterback will get things going in Philly. It will not however, get the to seven wins.

Falcons Under 7.5

Falcons had a great start to last year but struggled afterwards. The struggle will most likely continue this year. Less than 7.5 wins.

Giants Over 8

A new coach should help give a new perspective of the Giants. Eli and Beckham Jr. have big seasons. They get more than eight wins.

Jaguars Under 7.5

The Jags did some good things in the draft and free agency. Their success however will still depend on Blake Bortles and his growth. The Jags don’t get to seven wins this year.

Jets Under 8

Quarterback questions will keep the Jets from having any great success this year.

Lions Under 7.5

No Megatron equals not many wins for the Lions. No way they get to eight wins.

Rams Over 7.5

The Rams have the running game and a great defense. Rookie quarterback Jared Golf just needs to take care of the ball. Jeff Fisher get to at least 8 wins.

Packers Over 10.5

Injuries probably kept the Packers from a potential Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers should have much more help this year. Packers get to more than ten wins.

Panthers Over 10.5

Cam Newton will have his eyes on the Super Bowl. Their defense should dominate again. More than 10 wins.

Patriots Under 10.5

Assuming Brady’s suspension holds up, the Patriots will have some early losses. Patriots only get to 10 wins.

Raiders Over 8.5

If young quarterback Derek Carr continues his growth the Raiders should be a team on the rise. Look for the Raiders to get to 9 wins or more.

Ravens Even at 8

The Ravens should be ready to bounce back from last year, but eight wins will be all that they get.

Redskins Under 7.5

Kirk Cousins comes back to reality this year. Redskins also player in an improved division.

Saints Over 7

Drew Brees will be determined to get the Saints back to their winning ways. Despite their tough division they get more than seven wins.

Seahawks Over 10.5

Yes Lynch is gone, but this team is still loaded with lots of talent and a great defense. Russel Wilson will get them to more than ten wins.

Steelers Over 10.5

Despite major injuries the Steelers made it deep into the playoffs. With everyone healthy, the Steelers should be a team to beat in the AFC.

Texans Under 8.5

The Texans benefited from a weak division last year. With questions at quarterback, don’t bet on theme to get to eight wins.

Titans Over 5.5

The Titans made some nice moves during the offseason and the draft. Mariota will help them steal a few this year. Titans get 7 wins.

Vikings Under 9.5

A young team that had a very easy schedule last year. Vikings don’t get more than 9 wins this year.

College Football National Championship Predictions

The new college football season will be upon us sooner than we think and I for one am more than happy about that, as I am sure you will be too. Of course the big teams who seem to always feature in the top 10 polls every preseason will be heavily backed to head the prediction lists, but with lesser heralded teams breaking into the top 10 last season there is much to look forward to for us college football fans in the coming months.

The two teams who fought out the national championship game in 2016 are once again expected to be featured in the playoffs when the regular season comes to an end. The defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide will once again have one of the top recruiting classes stepping onto campus as they look to hold onto the title they won with an impressive victory over the Clemson Tigers. I believe Clemson will once again make their presence felt in the ACC and should at least make the playoffs after holding on to key players and taking advantage of the excellent recruiting team head coach Dabo Swinney has assembled.A lot of so called experts take it for granted the SEC will be headed by Nick Saban’s Alabama and the ACC will see a continued period of domination by Swinney’s Clemson Tigers as the two look to meet at some point in the four team playoff.

I do not believe the dominance of Alabama is guaranteed in the SEC, particularly with so many rivals in both SEC conferences hitting the top 10 in recruiting classes. Georgia is a good outside bet for taking the SEC title with an impressive recruiting class and a change of coach bringing in Kirby Smart from the Tide. They also have the edge in what is usually seen as the weaker division within college football’s powerhouse conference. South Carolina’s rebuilding process has begun, but should take too long to complete to see them challenge traditional rivals Georgia for a place in the SEC title game and a spot in the playoff.

One of the most intriguing match ups I am looking forward to in the coming year is the Big Ten match up between Ohio State and Michigan, and their big time head coaches of Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh will be expected to upset the Buckeyes in the coming season and make the playoffs, which is possible with a top five recruiting class heading to Ann Arbor this Fall.

On the West Coast a surprise could be in the offing with Washington my personal pick for taking the plaudits in the PAC-12 and mounting a charge towards the national championships playoffs, at the very least.

The emergence of Nebraska as a top recruiter in California has changed the landscape on the West Coast in my opinion and will probably see an improving Cornhuskers team just miss out on the playoff this season.

My personal opinion is the Clemson Tigers will go one better than last season and bring the team a second national championship following the Danny Ford led team in 1981, and first of the playoff era. The return of DeShaun Watson should result in a run for both the National Championship and the Heisman Trophy. Alabama could once again be the team they meet in the finals, but I expect a surprise to come in the shape of Kirby Smart’s Georgia taking the SEC title and the number two spot in the playoffs.

College Football Expected Wins

With the 2016-17 college football season just around the corner, everyone is starting to talk about how their favorite teams are going to do. I particularly am interested in seeing my favorite teams make progress.  I also can’t wait to see who surprises in comparison to the last season, both good and bad.

There will be some teams competing for a national title that nobody saw coming, and teams that hit the skids and get their head coach fired.  We will find out which players worked hard during the summer practicing and in the weight room, and which ones might not have taken things as seriously as they should have.

Here are a few of my predictions on teams that will exceed or fail to meet their expectations in 2016.

Michigan State Spartans OVER 7.5

Last year was a dream season for the Spartans as they won the Big Ten and made the college football playoff.  It’s going to be tough to match that success with so many good players graduating, but the coach keeps finding a way.  Especially on defense, where year in and year out he finds a way to shut down opponents.  I think with expectations low he exceeds them once again.

Clemson Tigers OVER 10.5

Another team that went to the playoff last year but fell short against Alabama.  I know this is a high win total but their schedule is extremely weak playing in the ACC, and they bring a lot of talent back on both sides of the ball.  I think last year got them over the hump.

Houston Cougars UNDER 9.5

This team exceeded expectations last year and proved a lot of people wrong.  I know that they play in a weak conference.  I know that this team is under-rated year in and year out.  I just don’t see them getting to double digit wins this year so you have to like the under.

Memphis Tigers OVER 5

Losing your head coach is always tough.  Last year this team surprised a lot of people and that won’t happen again.  Teams don’t forget when you beat them and revenge will be on their minds.  But, I think the number here is a little low and they can win half their games.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish UNDER 9.5

This is a public team which drives the win total up.  I just don’t see how they win 10 games with the brutal schedule that they have.  I know that Chip Kelley is one of the best in the game, that he has a lot of talent, and a solid recruiting class coming in.  But, double digit wins?  Nope.

Southern California Trojans OVER 7.5

This team has been beaten down ever since Pete Carroll left and the scholarship situation turned terrible.  They are finally coming out of that dark stain and they have a head coach everyone can get behind.  I don’t know if they have enough to win the conference, but getting to eight wins shouldn’t be a problem.

Stanford Cardinal OVER 8.5

When you have the best player in the game it’s tough not to be high on a team.  The Cardinal just dominated Iowa in the Rose Bowl last year, and that was a Hawkeye team that had only lost one game the entire season, and that was in the last few minutes against a very good Michigan State Spartan team.  I think they dominate yet again this year and a Pac-12 title is likely.



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